Tint, Lift, & Shape - complete your daily look with lashes + brows services. Tinting adds a temporary color, lasting up to four and a half weeks. Lifting puts a maintenance free curl in your lashes and adds extra volume to your brows. Henna Brows offer a hybrid tinting service that leaves the brow skin tinted for up to two weeks and the hair tinted for up to six weeks.


Brow Shaping Wax   $20

Brow Tint   $15

Brow Lift   $45

Brow Lift + Tint  $55

Henna Brows   $40

FoxFace Lift (lash lift + bow lift + tint)   $130


Lash Tint   $20

Lash Lift   $70

Lash Lift + Tint   $85